Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Huperzia (lycopodium) Nummulariilium SKIRT form

Huperzia (lycopodium) Nummulariilium SKIRT form shown above in my mist covered Rainforest created in my house. This is a large specimen plant purchased from http://www.platyceriumferns.com. It arrived in exception condition and is doing well. I love this picture because it looks like I am taking it in an actual Rainforest.

I am having to find creative ways to keep the environment humid to support Rainforest plants because normal levels of humidity are very low in the Sonoran Desert. Although the Sonoran Desert is one of the wettest deserts it still does not come close to moisture levels that Rainforest plants need in order to thrive. So I am experimenting with cool and warm humidifiers. The cool one makes a lot of mist but the warm one really raises the moisture level fast...so I am going to go with the warm one for a while until a better solution comes up.

Please leave a comment(s) if you have any advice or growing tips. I have raised many plants that have done well over the years but creating a Rainforest environment is just intriguing me since I love to water.

I will have many more pictures to post as I go along my new adventure in creating Chris's Desert Rainforest....hope you enjoy the pictures.

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